Yearly sweeping and inspection is recommended
if you heat your home with oil or wood. More than 20 years experience. Wood Energy Technical Training certified.

Wood Energy Technical Training certified. 20 years of experience


Chimney Sweeps Services

We offer interior and exterior comprehensive cleanings. Each chimney sweep includes a visual inspection to ensure the safety and efficiency of your chimney. You will be provided with a checklist of items with comments and recommendations when necessary. We keep your home clean! Drop cloths and runners are used to protect your floor. Our strong vacuum keeps dust and mold out of the air. Our equipment is specialized to various heating appliances: wood stoves, pellet stoves, furnaces and fireplace inserts.

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Creosote Removal

Creosote is the tar-like residue that is highly combustible and the cause behind most chimney fires. The better the combustion within your fireplace the less creosote will occur. Chimneys that are unlined are more prone to creosote build-up. A cold flue, restricted air supply or burning wet or unseasoned wood will also increase the creation of creosote. In some cases, a chemical treatment will be necessary to convert the creosote and remove it from your flue without damaging the walls.


Damaged chimneys don't just look bad, they are dangerous to your home's structural integrity. Montreal's cold winters and temperature swings can accelerate the damage and cause bricks to come loose and allow water to seep in your walls. We can fix minor masonry issues and extend the life of your roof and chimney while matching colors to keep it looking good.

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We are proud to provide chimney maintenance, repair and inspection services in multiple municipalities around the Greater Montreal. Our warehouse is located in Ville-Émard, Montreal. 6406, Notre-Dame West, Montreal QC, Canada H4C 1V4