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Chimney Maintenance

We offer interior and exterior comprehensive cleanings. Chimney cleaning service with visual evaluation and estimate for repair included.


Chimney Sweep

Chimney cleaning service with visual evaluation and estimate for repair included.

We offer comprehensive chimney cleaning. Not only do we sweep the chimney flue, we also clean the areas hidden inside the chimney, the smoke chamber, smoke shelf, and the areas behind the damper and within the firebox.

Included with the chimney cleaning is a visual evaluation of the chimney and fireplace or heating unit. We check to ensure that the chimney is safe to use and if there are problematic areas we also include an estimate for repair.

We use drop sheets to protect the area around the chimney, and a vacuum controls any airborne dust. The chimney cleaning is quick and clean, including documentation for insurance and taxes.

Nest removal and blockage

Blockages and nest removal are not included in an average chimney cleaning

The cost to remove a blockage depends on the amount of time needed and the nature of the blockage. Collapsed masonry within the chimney flue is often the source, sometimes animals nest in the chimney.

We recommend calling an animal removal company to deal with live critters.

We can then remove the blockage and clean the chimney, we also install chimney caps and screens to keep out unwanted guests!

Chimney Seal & Condemn

If your chimney is unusable, the best option is to condemn and seal the chimney.

Sealing the chimney can help to save on energy bills and home insurance. We can seal your unused chimney to ensure that cold drafts and water stay out of your home. We insulate the chimney flue at the damper and on the roof and ensure hermetic seals both at the top of the chimney and on the interior. This can be reversed in the future if ever the chimney needs to be reopened.

Creosote Removal

Creosote is the tar-like residue that is highly combustible and the cause behind most chimney fires. The better the combustion within your fireplace, the less creosote will occur. Chimneys that are unlined are more prone to creosote build-up.

A cold flue, restricted air supply or burning wet or unseasoned wood will also increase the creation of creosote. In some cases, a chemical treatment will be necessary to convert the creosote and remove it from your flue without damaging the walls.