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We offer a variety of chimney inspections, evaluation and written reports.


There is a visual evaluation included with our chimney sweeping service. Additional paid inspections include site specific basic inspections and WETT certified inspection with a written report.  We may also offer various other camera and drone inspections, please contact us for more details.

What is a WETT certified inspection ?

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspection is a thorough inspection of your wood burning appliance by one of our certified technician. Our team is trained to identify local code compliance standards. This is the recommended process to confirm your wood burning appliance is in adequate shape for use.

An annual cleaning is sometimes enough to give homeowners peace of mind, but there are situations where you want, maybe even need, more.


W.E.T.T. certified visual inspection, drone and camera inspection and visual evaluation

It is necessary to inspect your chimney annually. Even if you do not use your chimney often, a yearly inspection is often required by insurance companies. We provide a visual evaluation and inspection checklist with each chimney sweep.

If a more detailed inspection is needed, W.E.T.T. certified visual inspections are recommended for buying or selling a house. This includes a comprehensive report document.

Sometimes areas of the chimney are not accessible due to heights, in that case we can inspect the chimney top using a drone. We can use the drone to ensure that the chimney top is in good condition, or to check tall chimneys which would otherwise require lift access. 

We can also use a special camera to inspect inside the chimney. A camera can be sent into the flue to inspect the liner or other hidden areas within the chimney that  would be difficult or impossible to see in a standard visual inspection.