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Chimney Repair

We offer non-structural masonry repair, leaks source inspection and liner installation and repair.


Masonry Repair

We can do all kinds of non-structural masonry repair. The chimney is especially exposed to the elements, as such it can often become damaged. We can rebuild the chimney if needed or remove the chimney completely. Often the best solution is to redo the masonry joints to give an old chimney new life. Call us today for a free rough quote over the phone or by email.

Before : damaged chimneys

After : restored and repaired chimneys

Crowns & Flashing

The crown is one of the most important aspects of a chimney! A proper crown acts as an umbrella, protecting your chimney from the damaging effects of water. We offer custom-made metal crowns or poured concrete crown options. We can also repair or custom make roof flashing to streamline and protect the area between the roof and chimney.


Leaks from the chimney can occur due to damaged masonry or improper roof flashing. A water test can determine the leak source. We can recommend various solutions to solve water infiltration issues.